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Reviews for "Collect"

The Game is good if you have nothing else to do ^^

4 stars its a good game but those lines just get annoying

This was fun and new until the repetitive nature kicked in. After that it was very painful to continue playing and became a MAJOR DRAG. It had so much going for it, but because of the over and over again nature of the game I'm giving it one and a half stars.

I think people are over-exaggerating the number of times they had to do certain levels. If you played level 1 300 times, then you need glasses. I beat this in 33 generations on my first try, and I would be willing to bet that I could have finished in about 10 fewer if I was better at lining up the bounces.

Quality game for a 24/48-hour contest.

The game would have been a little better if it did not have to die, that lengthen the distance itself.