Reviews for "Airborne Wars"

Very nice, this game is ok but level 20 is very hard can anyone share some tips please?

this nice :D

the last level is POSSIBLE, I've done it twice. I'll give you only one advice. Don't try to conquer the middle of the map until you have the 2 airbase.

good game. a lot of people seem to complain its too hard, but its really easy for me. must be either too easy for me, or everyone fails, but all you have to do is be quick with your wits at the start. and the last stand is one of the easiest ones @luckypoo. all you have to do is wait until they send troops to the airport immediately after the enemy does. but back to the game, its good. but too simple. 4 stars for you.

this is the best war game ive never seen!