Reviews for "Airborne Wars"

I've seen this game before... but instead of soldiers/paratroopers there were cells and genes or something.
I liked this game. Sometimes this game made me crack my head open.

I give you 3.5 rating, because I think the game would be better if it had something more, idk like vehicles and more diversity of buildings. Be more creative, it's not hard.

Bugs: One time a bunker started spazing out and firing in random directions.

I loved this game ^^
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I really like this kind of game mechanic, although i've seen this "mechanic wise" better executed I liked the graphics, sound and music.
Why just 2,5 then?
Because of the scrolling, this fucked up the controll quite nicely, which is a really serious issue especially at the beginning of a level. If crucial bases are just out of screen its easy to miss them on the first click which prompted me to just restart the whole level because it would just be extremely hard to win otherwise.

Lvl 6 is hard but not impossible. Although, I am starting to think lvl 20 is. Awesome game though.

level 6 is impossible?