Reviews for "Airborne Wars"

This is a good game for most of it, but whichever of you made the levels is clearly an amateur designer because you have no concept of a difficulty curve. For the first 19 levels of the game it's a walk in the park. On the levels where the computer has a slight advantage they have enough dumb tendencies to make the game childishly easy. Then comes level 20 and BAM! You can't win. The enemy has three times the amount of stuff you do, and they use them to reinforce their defenses and overrun yours to an effective enough degree as to make the level impossible. You have wasted my time and I hate you.

Just an exceptional game. Simple concept, executed very well. I really enjoy the balance of RTS and puzzle game you got with this; there aren't a lot of games that really make you feel SMART. Great level design, great enemy AI, good look and feel. When I beat the game, I really felt like I'd accomplished something. If I had any constructive criticism, I'd say a wider-screen mode would be nice, as the scrolling was pretty clumsy and had me at a loss sometimes. Also maybe quality options because the game really started lagging by Oasis.

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Good game! I'll give four stars. I recomend try "civilisation war", because this game is very simple

Very well done. Very addictive. 10/10

Ha Ha Ha ! iM amoST BEAT THE GAME NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM PASS THE IMPOSable LEVEL 6 AND IM FINISHed THE GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!