Reviews for "Airborne Wars"

Not for ppl with short attention spans,kinda agonizingly slow.Decsent game but you coulda done way better i'm sure.

Very nice game! Could have been a bit longer and I had problems with the map moving when i didn't want it to, But 4 1/2

a really fun game! but many levels are won way to soon. but nevertheless, it's awesome! add some new feature and the second part would rock hard!

not a bad game it would have been cool to level up the troops better guns faster movement more HP so they die less have the land slow or speed up the troops but you could have that in a new game

i give it a 4 as it didn't have any of what i said before (not that i can see)

I see what you are goig for when you made this game, but i dont think you made the game all that it could be.