Reviews for "Airborne Wars"

It doesn't work at first lvl :( So sad for me...

I wasn't all too impressed with this game, it's like many others that have been made. I'm not going to knock it though, you added a few cool elements and it was fun to play. Very simple, very addictive.

Good fun, played the game till the end.

I really enjoy these types of games, so you had me from the beginning. There were two games made a year or two ago about organisms that used the same premise as this, and it was excellently made, so the genre is a plus in my book. I feel this did a good job of keeping with the strategy of this type of game in that you have to know when to attack, and know when to build up units. I liked all the building types that where available, but I would have liked to have seen some more adding a little more depth to the game. I believe there were only four building types, so as the game progressed I didn't really feel anything new was happening once those four appeared.

My only real criticism about the game was the fact that when sending units to to each base it didn't account for the amount of units already at the destination, it would always send a base of (I believe) 8 units. There were many times in which I would lose seven units in order to max out the number of units in a bunker, which was especially true with SAM sites. I also found that the send command was very slow. I get that it would take some time to rally the troops and send an attack wave, but there were a few times when I would end up losing a base because I sent two to intercept incoming troops at the last minute. While my troops were just barely making it out the base the incoming troops would only have to kill those visible in order to takeover the base. So if I just sent 16 units out of a base at the last minute (only having 16 at that base), the incoming troops would only have to kill the first one or two of the wave, and if close enough to the base, they would be able to take over the base. If the enemy is that close then the extra units not able to make it out of the base should be added back to the main number in the base rather than just vanishing to oblivion. It was very annoying to lose bases where the enemy was outnumbered, but because I was trying to get units out at the last moment I would end up losing the base.

Again, I really enjoyed the game, just a few suggestions that might make another game a little bit better. Thanks for the game!

@ Anyone needing help with level 20

From all these negative reviews about lv20 being "impossible", i was expecting it to at least be SOMEWHAT challenging. I used the strategy i used all game, and i beat it first try, even though it took a bit longer than the rest of the game.

The way i did it was first capturing everything on your half of the map (3 barracks, 2 bunkers, and an Anti-air), then focusing on comboing paradrop with 2-squad attacks against the enemy barracks (outside the middle). After i had a sort of U-shape around the center, i paradropped two squads each for the bunkers, and then swarmed the two barracks in the center. At this point, i sent two squads to hit the enemy anti-air, captured it, then opened up like a floodgate on the last 2 buildings with everything i had. Took a bit of effort, but i did it within 300 score points (before it hit 700)

This game brought back the memory of the awesome game Command and Conquer, and the "auto 7 man send" was preferable to having to type the number of people i wanted to send every time. made for a good counter attack when the enemy sent a wave at my undefended barracks, and much less time.

I agree with batosuai, this game is virtually lag-less, so less time getting frustrated at missed chances xD

All in all, a great game. Perhaps you could add different types of units, like armor, sniper, bazooka, etc? Either way, doesnt need anything major changed :P

Great game! No lag, the controls were intuitive, and my only gripe, which barely effected gameplay, was that you couldn't control how many units you were ordering.

To anybody having trouble with level 20, it's a lot of patience. Get control of the airport, AA gun, and two factories, then wittle away at the edges of their forces. I captured two of the forts by the center, just to keep them funneling enemies there while I used air drops and barracks on the edges.