Reviews for "Airborne Wars"

not a bad game it would have been cool to level up the troops better guns faster movement more HP so they die less have the land slow or speed up the troops but you could have that in a new game

i give it a 4 as it didn't have any of what i said before (not that i can see)

I see what you are goig for when you made this game, but i dont think you made the game all that it could be.

Well, pretty simple game, I didn't like it.

This was a really good game. Its fun and entertaining. But there seemed like the only way to win was screw strategy and sanity and just go berserk. Really short so that wasn't great either... I was just getting good!

Over all good game. Its worth playing

Really nice game, almost as good as tentacle wars ;)
Scrolling feature didn't work very well for this game though.