Reviews for "Airborne Wars"

A good game, the scrolling got in the way sometimes but other than that it was thoroughly enjoyable.

If i may make a suggestion though, i think the airport was missused, i felt like it should be something that was difficult to get, but valuable in that it would drop troops directly on the enemy as opposed to marching into gunfire. I mean, i think it should be more challenging to get, but instead of dropping a line of troops and having them converge on the target, have it automatically do the damage once the plane arrives.

A thoroughly enjoyable game. However, Your API needs a little work. None of the stats seem to work. Could be just me though.

very good game but i dont like the side scrolling part to much.. You should have made the arrow keys or wasd for the side scrolling cause that automatic side scrolling just fcks me up alot other than that very good.

good but change the title picture i thought it was turrent defence

"WTF" Good game but for some reason it Will not let me get the last metal & im Pissed about that!
Other then that good job.