Reviews for "Tanooky Tracks"

jakka is so cute :)

I like it! Nice clean graphics, great exposition and introductory tutorial, game play is smooth and elegant, and the music paints the perfect atmosphere of "inquery" (seeing as how this is a game in which the player will often wonder "hmm what happens if I click this?")

My only beef is that the riddles could possibly be placed in an easier accessed spot so I won't have to view the tutorial every time.

Good game!

Very amusing and well-dosed challenge, good graphics and music, all's here for a best! Great job to the original authors for the conception and to the remakers for their technical performance.

Really cool, i LIKE :D
who is the artist?? this is amazing :))

Lovely game guys. There was a little bug making the items move to the right, and it took me a while to find the last coin, but it was a really game overall.
Would have won if it wasn't a remake I guess.