Reviews for "Tanooky Tracks"

I like the art style, and for the most part the puzzles were clever and fun. Key words being "for the most part".

I ****ing HATED Rachel. Who knows how much damage I probably did to my eyes searching all over the house for these tiny coins that are each only about the size of a period.

Unique and nees a bit of thought.. I liked it.

a good game


I would like this a little more if it didn't keep glitching. Sometimes when I try moving certain items in my inventory the item disappears and then reappears, but after that I can't scroll through my items. And for some reason this causes the rest of the game to seize up, I had to refresh because the playing cards wouldn't respond. I'll give it a three just because it IS a nice game and I enjoy it a lot, I just wish I could play all the way through.