Reviews for "Tanooky Tracks"

i also ran into the item glitch, where the items jump and i cant change the item page. it does work itself out after you find another item but it has the potential too really mess somebody up. other than that i enjoyed the game. really fun.

This game was fun and a big brain teaser. I went to the hints for various tanooky but didn't find many hard to find with the exception of Grilos. I couldn't figure out the color code at all but nonetheless this was a fantastic game.

I want another one. It was fun, and challenging enough.

It was a great game. There wasn't any bug, but my rating is 3.5 because I've finished on the first try in 3 minutes and a half without using hints. Good job, by the way!

I too had a glitch where I could not scroll through my inventory, and the item moved off to the side of the mute button. However, when I found another item, the inventory corrected itself, and I was able to continue playing. The artwork is very beautiful, and the puzzles test your brain. The Tanookys were very cute! And I agree with others, that it was a little difficult seeing some of the gold coins. You may want to consider that there are colorblind gamers, which could find that aspect very frustrating.

Read further if you want coin locations!

Spoiler/Cheat: Coin Locations!! This was very difficult, so I thought I would help others out.
1st floor:
1. On chair by roulette table.
2. On the top of the flower in the potted plant to the left of the front door.
3. On the windowsill by the red flower.

2nd Floor:
4. On top of a leaf on the shorter potted plant.
5. Underneath the tv on the right side of the tv stand.
6. On top of the leftmost figurine on the shelf.

3rd Floor:
7. Look under the red t-shirt to the right of the overhang. It looks like a rivet or bolt.
8. On the right outside part of the house, follow the blue/green trim. On the top of the post that looks into the room.

4th Floor:
9. On the far left of the balcony, by the last post. Very difficult to see.
10. On top of a post/chimney to the right of the tv antenna. Also difficult to see.

Now that you have all 10 coins, go stuff it into Rachel's piggy backside!