Reviews for "Tanooky Tracks"

5 stars for making me feel smart :)

Super Awesome Game! I love Point n' Click Games, specially the difficult ones, and I have to say the riddles were very challenging, just the way that I like, keep it up bro, keep doing this kind of games, or maybe a second part, I dunno. 5/5 Stars

P.S: I'm so happy right now, I passed the game without cheating, though it took me like 2 hours to complete it

Awesome game. I love the characters and the riddles were challenging but not impossible :)

Anytime I click start it doesn't actually do anything...so I refresh and it lets me do it, but then it won't let me click any of the dialogue so it's a big fat ZERO for me.

It was cute and all but very, very annoying. The coins took forever to find and I had to play it twice because the inventory glitched out and the items disappeared. And for some reason the Schnooky one didn't work and then suddenly did. It was frustrating. I'll give you points for the look of the game but the actual game play was just annoying. At only point I actually wished I could speak to the two characters at the bottom and just ask them if they had any spare change, seriously.