Reviews for "Tanooky Tracks"

I loved it, it was fun and the artwork is great but the story could have been better than that, I want to know why those two look very scared at those seemingly harmless creatures and the ending was so simple, she just thanked me, other than that everything was perfect and hope to see more of this.

great game, but...
did the one that liked money REALLY need to have a Jewish name...?

Love it. Have an old computer so it was a bit on the slow side, but still really cute!

This was a really good game, with very well-designed puzzles. Like others said, there is an item glitch. Thankfully, it correct itself when you pick up an item, but I wonder what would happen if there were no items left to pick up?

Also, it would be nice if you made it easier to see how to go up a floor in the beginning. It took me a couple minutes to realize that it was at the top of the screen.

Really good puzzle game. I had a hard time the first minute or two trying to figure out where to find more items as I didn't realize i had to click up to keep going up. The last coin on the last floor was also hard to find.... the color thing totally flew over my head I had to watch a walk through to figure that one out. But i liked it and look forward to a sequel.