Reviews for "Tanooky Tracks"

i win

I had a lot of fun! Excellent!

Pretty fun. The puzzles were well made (and some gave me trouble, but I got it without looking up the extra hints).

Really Great Game!

Point and click games are some of my favorites,and this is a really well thought-out game.The art style is very unique and stylish.the only problems i have with the game are:The ,mouse is a little laggy,and the Grilos riddle was a little confusing.but overall,great game!
(P.S. make it a little more apparent that you can travel to different areas of the house)


Don't read this if you want to enjoy this fully.

1. The door was confusing. Why the poster?
2. The color coded puzzle was also a problem. The hint just confused me even more. The like, hate, hint should be changed.
3. Also didn't know there were different floors; maybe make that obvious in the beginning.
4. two characters at bottom are kind of useless; maybe make them part of the puzzles
5. some of it is just too cluttered; made me look for things that didn't need to be looked for.

Everything else was fun to find.

Keep up the good work.