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Reviews for "Running Warrior"

Every time you use a shop, you cannot jump again until you fall or get hit. It's a huge issue, but otherwise the game is pretty cool.

wtf-i-couldnt-play-this-piece-of-crap -it-always-starts-and-the-screen-turn -black-and-it-start-again-and-again

I haven't seen worse hit detection in my life! Every time I hit an enemy 9/10 times, the enemy hits me instead, and the sword is so small, and it's so specific as to where it actually does damage, that I have to wait at an extremely specific moment! Then there's the fact that half the time I press the right button, wether it's at the right time or not, the frikin' game just chooses not to do it! It's like the game absolutely disagrees with the action I'm trying to do, so it just doesn't respond; there are even some times when the unresponsive idiot I'm playing as just chooses to do nothing but keep walking, I can press every button, but it can't shed a single shred of acknowledgement. Not only that, but I don't know how to change to a better character, because it's never explained; I'm forever stuck with this terrible character.
Then there's the upgrade system, which has the least choice in any upgrade system I've seen, Fable 3 had a less linear upgrade system, I least with that game I could render the useless upgrades as useless; some these don't even feel like upgrades! They're either unnecessary or actually a drawbrack, or both! I don't need to do more damage! Esspecially not for 5 damn coins! I need a longer sword, with a more responsive game, that actually tells me how to use what's arround me rather than just jump or attack (when it FEELS like it).
The graphics I actually find adorable, but it can't save the gameplay, it never does, and the music is rather forgetable.
The game, as an experience, is weak, but don't let this get you down, I hope you keep making more stuff in the future, and I hope you improve. Keep going and never give up!

sometimes because the game plays slow in my pc, it fails when i try to run... it would work better with a key just for running

I liked it a lot however the commands aren't working well so I'm always dying because te arrows fail to attack or jump when I need. We should be able to carry more items as the level increases.