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Reviews for "Running Warrior"

It's a very good game but Im dissapointed, the title says "running warrior" but the warrior is always walking, and I thought it was a speed game, not a slow paced and irritating platform game. I hope this have a second part, with some more speed.


Its a great concept and a fun idea however the controls are so broken. For one multiple times when I got to a jump it made me fall instead. But worst of all the attack will multiple times not give the foe any damage even when I swing my sword three times at it. It is overall ok.

The hitting is so goddamn broken it's mind boggling. You hit a millisecond too early and you miss your target, a millisecond too late and you get hit. It takes waaaaaaay too long to get upgrades too. Could have been decent otherwise. The hitbox is completely broken too, you can barely collect or anything you want to unless you're right on it, but enemies can touch you from a mile away and it registers.

It's a great addicting game, and an awesome time waster, but I have yet to reach the end. Farthest I've gotten was the castle up to the corridor filled with boulder tossing skeletons. My qualms with the game are similar to everyone else: should be allowed to choose your class from the get go, jumping becomes frustrating - Especially that branch segment in the woods, but other than that an very enjoyable game. And for all players dissing the archer class, you are greatly underestimating him. Once gold becomes of no concern, and after a few meat upgrades his arrows tear through enemies even strong ones, which is a blessing against later enemies like the ghost or laser dragons.

looks like an amazing game :/ but the controls arnt working for me, is this just me? D: