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Reviews for "Running Warrior"

On the priest's feather/wings upgrade, you say "Save your from falling" instead of "Save yourself from falling"

The level of difficultly is quite nice but I feel the addition of checkpoints would have made the game a lot better. Even if this means making the later levels a little bit harder.

I often found myself falling into holes due to laggy controls (especially with all those trees).

Also, whenever I got a new character, I would have enough money to buy out all of the skills the character had already.

I liked the fact that shops had random items in them, but this system would be waaay better if it was remodelled as the system for big chests. Instead, remake shops as actual shops where I can trade coins for items etc.

Contrary to what other reviews have said, I think the game is fantastic - I never had any issues with the game. It's very much like an old school style arcade game which I love. I also had no issues with lag in the jump either and the machine I'm using is atrocious! I think it's people's lack of skill. ;)

The only thing I would say as it was probably the reason I've had to leave it for now is that I switched to the cleric and the only way to turn back to the Warrior is to reach it again further on. I think this could have been probably combated by having unlockable pedestals at the start of the journey for classes you have unlocked.

Besides that the graphics were superb and I really enjoyed it!

bit slow add checkpoints and agree there is button press and time when he jumps delay.other than these ng having games like this flow (seedling,stable boy image looks like same type,100%complete same type)

the game is a bit laggy, i deeply love the graphics and pretty much everything, sdly sometimes the controls doesnt work and this needs some checkpoints, is so frustrating that the hero walks so slow and when you die and manage to reach far, you have to do everything again :c

The controls are unresponsive. Its not my computer or internet connection. Got pretty far thru the game even though i had to rapid fire jump to keep from dying.