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Reviews for "Running Warrior"

Hey, the same guy that made that Monster TD. This should be pretty goo...the hell? My attack range is horrible, meaning you need near-exact timing to kill anything. Of course, that could be just because I'm using the Priest. Let's go back to the class I had that could actually kill sli...what? I can't switch classes? That's just stupid. Well, what about items? Surely they make some semblance of sen...seriously? I can't just click to use them, I have to wait for them to activate? Does it at least define when they activate? Nope, not even. Seriously, this is really messy. I know you can do much better.

Ok, so this is a pretty neat game. It's cute. I like it.
But god damn, that hero is in no hurry at all to save the kidnapped partner. I mean, geez, you'd think it would be a priority, but no: apparently you have to take in every little bit of scenery, listen to the birds singing, smelling the flowers. What I'm trying to say is, the character walks FAR to slowly. And you have to start over all from the beginning when you die? Considering that your movement is so slow, you'd think there would be at least a couple of checkpoints. At least at the places where the badguy shows up, or just after.
I liked the upgrade system, although once unlocked I feel that you should be able to choose freely which job you want at the beginning of the game.

All in all I liked the game, and I keep coming back to eventually finish it. All I'm saying is, I only have so much patience, and this devours to much time repeating sections you allready got through several times.

Suggestion: Make the sprinting speed the normal speed, and an upgrade for slowing down instead of speeding up. Also, whether you keep speed as it is or change it: give the sprint-upgrade its own button.

A fun game to be sure, it has a unique system set up for classes but dear gods does it take up so much time for you to level each class up! I can understand if you're allowed to switch between them and level one up with the other with coins but the act of no back play kills the total game play time to hours instead of a few decently spent couple of minutes. More so once you become a higher class not a single creature is defenseless anymore and become unkillable... oh look three slimes in a row? Better kiss my stamina good bye!

It's fun the graphics are good, but it seems like there is no point to playing anything but warrior, since he heals stamina when he sees tough enemies and when he kills.

Every other class just feels like they are made to eat up coins.

Add a way to attack in the air because a lot of the time you just get BS damage because you landed right in front of a bat and the delay between air and attacking is too long.

Also fix the run button, no excuse for that, especially as the ranger.
But yea the delay/recoil whatever between landing is inexcusable considering the game is on a track and I would say 60% of my deaths were from the mechanics rather than my jump timing (for instance the jumps where it is a character sized platform with a character sized gap between, even if you spam jump you will end up further on the platform than you should.

Just fix it

Some enemies have ! marks over their heads; those are unkillable. Read the instructions, people.
character moves too slow which makes the game tedious