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Reviews for "Running Warrior"

Classic run and jump, with classes (the archer SUCKS NUT btw) and obstacles ranging from bats to skeletons (that's how far I am)... it's difficult, and when you suddenly realize how to change classes, it starts to get a little easier. Nonetheless, add a class-change option in the Upgrade screen please.

I really want to like it, it has a simple concept and goal. But being stuck with a class after dying coupled with the gracious range to change classes at statues and not being able to switch classes after death made it a bit annoying. Also, no checkpoints, the archer's primary attack using coins, and the hit-or-miss nature of certain jumps made it difficult to traverse and level up. Finally, why are there certain areas where you cant avoid taking damage because the enemies are apparently too powerful? For example in the first level there's this spot with a slime and a bat on two different heights and coins next to slime. If i try to avoid either I end up in the pit. If I take a hit as archer /knight there's a chance I won't make it to a merchant or a chest with a stamina restoring item. Again, I really want to like this game and complete it, but the many deaths and attempts caused me to give up I-don't-know-how-far into the second level.

Game is very slow, it frustrating when you die, and you really need to fix the attack cause I can clearly see that sometimes my sword hits the enemies but doesnt kill them -.- but the game is addicting so you've made it fun

The game seemed like a lot of fun but it lagged on me pretty bad at some parts. For instance I would jump over three obstacles no problem but when a fourth one came along I would hit the up arrow and nothing would happen. After a little while of this I got so frustrated that I just couldn't do it anymore. What I did manage to get through was pretty entertaining though so I'm going to give you a fair review anyway.

This game really really shits me yet I keep playing it, it's quite slow and frustrating when you die.
I do like the graphics but not a fan of the music. (Its like some kind of autistic drum beat)

This game is addictive and therefore it must mean secretly deep down I am having fun so I give it a score of 4/5