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Reviews for "Running Warrior"

a nice game But:

i feel things lot essentials like step down shouldnt be a buyable upgrade, when you start the game and you cant do this from start you believe this its parth of the game play style until you start to see some parts requires step down and have you to get the "upgrade" after you die in the store. game play mechanics should be stablished from the start and player movements should so too.

another thing its unkillable enemies (Unless you have the upgrade of special attack) said enemies you dont going to tell who is unkillable or who doesnt until they have the - ! - mark unkillable enemies (with normal attacks) should be a different colors, like gold or any other color to show them singularity and keep the player watch them so they can decide either use the special attack or just avoid them. Also the shouldnt pop Up until you get the message of there some enemies you cant kill with normal means (and thats why people believe the game have a delay).

the other thing its game doesnt count with checkpoints this wouldnt be a problem if we have to remember every enemy and trap but in this game its hard to do because to keep alive we have to buy upgrades but in the instant you hit a statue to swicht class then the survival odds get lower if you dont have bought some upgrades for said class. like world 2 i hit the priest statue and swicht from knight to priest which it dont have step down and special attack to kill the unkillable monsters wich made me die and restart the whole map 1.

there many things you should consider. but at least that what i see in this game

besides that i like the graphics, music and the sounds goes well with that, and a plus to have the villain of the game using the "mirror" spell to dela y your quest made him looks like he really wanted you away from his plans.

The game is nice, But I agree with a lot of the other reviews I have read and I really hope you check some of them out and update the game, there are a couple I'm excited to see when and if you implement them into a game update.

Pretty addicting game, when I return more than once to a game to replay it, that means it's worth it. One important thing for people who are wondering - you switch classes when you jump into the statues, took me some time to figure it out :D I liked all classes, although I have no idea if it is possible to beat the game with any other than the priest .. just get some gold and spam heal. I think this could become a great game if things like hitboxes and edges of high grounds are fixed (and class ballance :P). I think it is better without checkpoints, the way I see it, you just start and run toward your goal , hence the name Running Warrior, the game is short anyway so no checkpoints needed for now .. maybe if you add more levels ? :3 Overall great work, but there is a room for improvement and awesomeness. Thank you for this game ! :)

Over all addicting as hell, my only real grips are the obvious ones (fix the hitboxs, make some check points) but other than that I love it the game play is simple and enjoyable. Classes Knight=Good for just attacking Priest=honestly this is the most OP class once fully leveled just get some money and spam your heal and you'll last forever Archer= good for dealing with enemys before hand Necro= ok at disabling Thief= Spam invincibility and win (also great for getting gold) Monk= good for spike areas thats about it. Over all a fun little game could just use a tad bit improvement.

It is a very nice game although there are problems namely for some reason you cannot choose which job you play as, I upgraded up to the healer yet I cant switch back to the first class since it seems the healer can hit better...

the hit detection is also horrible but aside from that great concept so I'd say 3 stars.