Reviews for "ir/rational Redux"

@ElvenGhost, You are sadly mistaken. I beat this game, from chapter 1-11 out of ten chapters. Do not accuse the game of being a fail when your failure just exceeds your ability to contain it, and must spew the fail onto other things around you. The game was great. 5/5 for great story, and amazing brainteasers. In truth, while shamefully admitting this, I had to run a searching algorithm for the answer on the door. I wasn't able to make perfect use of the key, and luckily there weren't too many possible answers, making it easy for me to find the correct answer. Not excellent animation, but quickly forgiven because of how great the game is. Please keep making games like this, this was excellent.

That'll do piggy, that'll do.

2/5 Because 7/10 has no correct answer, to answer it correctly the option for it is missing. Spent a crap load of time trying every possible answer and kept getting false. Don't make a logic game if you don't plan to make it beatable. If it was a mistake it can always be fixed. If it had a correct answer then I'd make it a solid 5. I enjoyed it till you're game decided to be fail.

Based on this game if I am a rational human being then the game might be beaten. No human likes to be completly ratonal therefore there is small percentage of people who may not beat the game. Therefore someone who's not rational may not beat this game.

IF I like epic games
AND I like this game
THEN This game is epic!