Reviews for "ir/rational Redux"

This game, or at least the levels it were let me play, was/were good. The only problem seems to be the Atkinson puzzle. For some reason instead of what line 2b (then loop) had to be, "Australia is wrong to ban 18+ games", there was just "Atkinson parks/does not park in disable parking spaces" as an option. I double-checked with the walkthough and the Australia line is needed, but I can't get to it. Am I doing something wrong or is this just an error in the game?

Loved the game, the way it makes you think is just incredible, when combined with humour and good wit it makes the game stand out as one to be reckoned with. I can find no fault with it at all, the graphics, music and plot are all above excellence. The symbolic argument (on the door) at the end really ground the gears in my head. It all fits together perfectly! Very well done.

My only argument is it ended, I could play for hours.

I do not see why people like this game so much at all. It was not fun for me at all.

Aye... I really got stuck on the Michael Atkinson puzzle. I really love this game. It really deserves 5+ stars than the 5 I already gave it. I would love to see a sequel to this.

Love the Game, the story was engaging and the idea a blast... It was a little bit to short, I hope for a longer sequel.

A thousand stars by me, if I could...