Reviews for "ir/rational Redux"

Music went well with this game i must admit i found myself going "Ooooh" in time with the sounds of the music, found it a nice effect.

holing: If a combo-box does not display a scrollbar most people simply do not know there are more options available, as they use the scrollbar or mousewheel to navigate combo-boxes. Whilst the game might not be 'broken' it's not intuitive, many people will get stuck there and should be fixed.
It has nothing to do with stupidity.

That said, I've enjoyed the game so far.

Sucks because at the start it just freezes and nothing happens. Absolutely nothing...

To everyone said the a Australia level is broken: IT'S NOT
read the description:
If you can't see the right answer, chances are you can resolve the problem with the arrow keys.
never rate low on any game because of your stupidity

Needed options are missing from the multiple choice pull down menus.
If these options are missing, then I can't beat the game.
If I can't beat the game, the game is broken.
If the game is broken...
Fuck you.