Reviews for "ir/rational Redux"

I will give you 4 stars because of the combo box problem: for some combo boxes, you have to use the arrow keys to find certain options, and there is nothing indicating that you must do so. If you could add a scroll bar or a down arrow, then that would be great.

Apart from that, I found this game very interesting. Too bad that it was short. I have actually learned some of this before, but I never got the opportunity to put it to the test until now.

The story was very nice, and the atmosphere was very portal-esque. I loved how, at the end, you used different letters from different writing systems for the guide at the end instead of the standard x and y. It really added to the sense that you are being trapped here by a malevolent force. Were it not for the problem I stated at the beginning, I would have given you 5 stars.

beating the game didnt made me happy... it made me ANGRY!
because now i have to study for the test of philosophy bucause i have bad grades.
IF i have bad grades in philosophy
THEN i am NOT a rational human being

i have bad grades in philosophy

IF i beated this game
THEN i am a rational human being

i beated this game

THEREBEFORE there is a paradox here

THEREBEFORE i must study now

PS: i will buy this game on steam someday
because it was awesome

Tough but fun.

Please, PLEASE!! Add a scroll bar or something for the drop-down menu!! On number 7 I couldn't figure it out until I read a past comment saying that there are more options below!!!!!
Other than that I really enjoyed the game; it really made me think, I even had paper out and was writing equations lol!! 4.5/5 (-.5 for lack of a scroll bar!!!!! :o)

Well I thought the game was awesome. I loved the concept, enjoyed the premise, and I even enjoyed the mystery surrounding the ending (involving your captors), though i have my theories. I have prior training in logic though, so perhaps the concept was a bit easier for me. I look forward to your next submission.