Reviews for "ir/rational Redux"

Very rarely do I ever feel a game deserves 5 stars, but you my friend have earned it. This reminds me of a mixture of computer coding and mathematical proofs, which I luckily have a lot of experience with both. I give you 5 stars for your innovative game style, your colorful vocabulary used, mixed in with a pitch black humor such as the humor used in the Portal games. I also like that it's not too long of a game so people get bored and feel like they're doing homework, but it's also not too short to the point where I wouldn't bother with a review. And I thank you for taking a step away from the ordinary internet flash games, and please keep up the good work. The internet gaming community needs new things like these.

The game is awesome. i gave up on level 4, it's hard to get it since it's not my mother-language... It'd be great if it had other languages too, but that would be asking for too much....

@Elvenghost try scrolling down with your arrow keys :)

interesting game and use of logic, reminded me of working out computer code, but I was unable to get past level 7 either because one of the options was actually missing. in the 4 selection boxes, it was the same 6 options. there was nothing to connect line 2 to line 6, because that option was simply missing. its possible its because i'm using google chrome, but i'm not sure flash works that way. overall great game, but that problem really frustrated me cause I didnt realize there was an issue immediately

@Elvenghost, Not really. I beat the game too, so your arguments are henceforth invalid.