Reviews for "ir/rational Redux"

I love logic based games, and this is one of the most logic based games i have ever seen(except the political question and red-herring one, as you had to know some insight to actually deal with these question. Don't get me wrong, i know you can solve those without knowing those two things(which i did) but it was still annoying) AND i have to be honest, in the very last puzzle, i guessed the third answer(correctly on the first try hah!). But all those weird symbols just screwed with my head to think straight.

I can't agree with the previous poster at all though, every puzzle had only one real solution, a logical one.

One downside though, the navigating(clickin on screen) wasn't that good, especially considering you couldn't go back if you accidently clicked a message away.

P.s.: I never solved a puzzle with the hints...i looked at one hint just to see what it was about, it was far more confusing than just to deal with the question on your own, just with plain logic.

Who_would_have_thunk_the_year_of_geom etry_i_just_finished_would_actually_c ome_in_handy!Thank_you_Mr.Tompkins!

1. ASSUMPTION: Educational games are usually the product of a teacher creating a new teaching method AND/OR an assigned student project
2. IF this game taught me something THEN it is educational
3. FACT: This game taught me the basics of propositional calculus
4. THEREFORE the creator of this game is likely a teacher or student of propositional calculus

tjubert responds:

Good deduction - I'm studying a philosophy Masters degree.

@Ardwolf: the guy who made the comment is a liar, thinking he did the game, the only ones there ARE the only ones there just think about it. and just click the arrows and click the selection and the guy who posted this then screw you!

this game was pretty sweet, id love to see more of it, ive been thinking about (and intrested in) philosophy for abit and this just made me want to learn more xD, i got stuck on a few of the puzzles and i was confused on the door but passed it without failing once (shocked myself lol).
all in all i found the story great to (funny as well) so i rate it at the max :)