Reviews for "ir/rational Redux"

i like the consept but your logic is flawed. seeing that logic is the whole point of the game, i give you a two.

Very clever, very twisted and very fun. There was definitely a 'portal' vibe going on with the test subject talk and the slightly off-kilter machine. Too bad we never did escape or find out who we were.
I do wish I had read the summary about the arrow key business ahead of time though, I almost drove myself nuts on the logic problem proving Micheal Atkinson is a douche because I couldn't see half the answers. Is there any way to make that more obvious, or add it into the game/menu screen just as a heads-up to players?

I love this. You sir win one internets.


Is amazing.

I know I give five stars to almost everything I try,but this conquers everything.

loved it

the only problem is that when i used the arrow keys it changed ALL of my answers sometimes (Google Chrome)