Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

loved it im proud to say that I played through this entire game which took me awhile made with such finesse that its hard to say its anything but a well made game

Absolutely wonderful game. Occupied my entire day playing it.

My party consisted of the two warriors, the confessor cleric, and a ranger. Whenever I had ample time to do so, I would combine the powers of my cleric and ranger to get an anointed piercing eagle eye arrow to knock out two foes at once. My warriors were just there to shield the other two. :P

I couldn't get past the last boss on the third mission. I probably should rearrange my party, but I've already played enough today as it is.

Most of the medals didn't work for me. Doesn't matter tho, the game was fun.

If you find the medals aren't working, resetting your save data should fix it. I had this problem when I played the game before the medals were fixed. You will have to earn the medals again, but it worked for me.

As for the game itself, I've always been a huge fan of this series and thought this was a great installment with improvements in all the right places. Pay attention to your fighting styles and switch them as you need, it can really make a difference in fights.

garin-dan responds:

I'll be uploading a new version in the next couple of days that will retroactively award medals you should have already unlocked.

you should make this into a downloadable app game for smartphones it's the perfect time waster!

nice game!!!