Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

Pretty fun

Excellent game! Hats off to you...
Now this is what an RPG truly is : immersive and requiring lots of careful, intensive planning for the next move and with an immense choice of weapons and armor.
The interface is amazing, and so are the battle animations.
Navigation is easy and the achievements are really hard.
The medals don't seem to work however.

muy bueno el juego esta una masa !!

This Game is Just as fun as the last Monsters Den.. And for people people saying the game is slow well I have a crap laptop and runs fine on mine saves perfectly runs smoothly and yes it's a 2005 dell laptop lol. and Pirate9899 to suggest to make the game smaller is the most Unreasonable and stupid suggestion I have heard the game is fun because it's so vast and if you don't like playing it on your Dinosaur 1999 mac than I suggest you buy a new comp.

Been playing these games for years and just keep coming back for more. Massive replay value, near infinite customization, and tactical not-quite-turn-based gameplay. Still my favorite series on this site. Five stars for sure.