Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

Pretty fun

Excellent game! Hats off to you...
Now this is what an RPG truly is : immersive and requiring lots of careful, intensive planning for the next move and with an immense choice of weapons and armor.
The interface is amazing, and so are the battle animations.
Navigation is easy and the achievements are really hard.
The medals don't seem to work however.

its one of the most flawless flash games ive played with this kind of caliber, from the inventory to the autosaves its absolutely use friendly, which i like about it :]

This game series was awesome already and I never imagened a third game and especially not a game that is this great; I am absolutley loving it and it gives one great challenge and alot of things to do when it comes to teams, builds, equipment (this one is huge), customization, dungeons, secret rooms, strategies, baddies, etc.

The game is absolutely overwhelming in everything and it is a good thing, but it has two or three things that could be looked upon, or not as it obviously does not matter that much.

1.- The gear you get and equip soon fails to continue to be effective as the tier starts to grow as fast as your characters, there aren't enough legendary sparks or anvils to boost your favorite gear, especially in the late game when you start leveling up really fast, up until reaching level 10 I only found one spark and one anvil, but it might be just bad luck, as in my first playtrough I found two before I was level 4.

2.- There is a very drastic difficulty curve in the game, in the early game the game feels just right, hard but not too hard, then in the middle game 3 lvl -7lvl you can't catch up statwise with your enemies and your gear is normally not good and you are constantly outnumbered, so you are always weaker than the other packs.

Suddenly and just with a little nudge your party starts to kick in, you can now cleave the whole front line or charge, your ranger heals quickly and can revive, enemies start missing much more and the whole game starts to become really easy when you get all your skills and start earning +3 stat points at level up, maybe two will suffice?

3.- Lastly, the music is a bit repetetive after playing more than an hour, but I got used to it since the last iterations and I actually like it.

I want to post my build so I can help out everyone start out, I didn't expect it to work out so well because I was struggling in the mid game.

I got:

-Pure warrior (Top one), with the accuracy buff he will never miss unless blinded and you need to invest only in strength as his health levels up ALOT by it's own and he will never miss unless blinded, he's positioned in the BACK and middle with a spear (All be benefits of two handed weapons with no low defense), I took off all the heavy armor and gave him light armor, he is a beast and dies, with charge and cleave and fast speed you can really see him shine, if he gets pulled up in front then you can kick a melee character back and make it useless, he can tank also very well, but that's not his job.

-Healing ranger (Bottom one) he is the healer and support and very rarely works as something else, sometimes poison arrows, pinning, etc. Every single point goes into intellect and his setting is natures lore (The one that heals cheaper and gives health regeneration), he becomes really good and his poison becomes just really nasty when he gets higher, quickness is a great support spell if you need to pump out golems fast or heal faster or hit faster, he's the second slowest to become really effective, he also doesn't lose accuracy if you don't invest in dexterity because he levels that up naturally, he gets set up in the rear also.

-Summoner mage (Bottom one), this guy is mostly support and his range attack helps really well, his setting is the damage reducing one just in case he gets hit and invest only in intelligence, he rarely misses also for some reason, but his real strength comes from summoning war golems in case your frontliner dies or if you fight a big group, at high levels they start ripping things apart and taking most of the punishment, with such high intelligence you get a free spell quite frequently.

- Rouge (bottom one), he's also a great support and tank character in time, he's the slowest to shine, invest only in dexterity, set him sneaky (The one with evasion) and have him be the only one in front and in time he will dodge anything and dish high damage with a knife, and with sneak attack he can go for the rear line with melee, his skills also remove terrain characteristics, keep him healed and summon war golem support if in trouble.

Been playing these games for years and just keep coming back for more. Massive replay value, near infinite customization, and tactical not-quite-turn-based gameplay. Still my favorite series on this site. Five stars for sure.