Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

Absolutely wonderful game. Occupied my entire day playing it.

My party consisted of the two warriors, the confessor cleric, and a ranger. Whenever I had ample time to do so, I would combine the powers of my cleric and ranger to get an anointed piercing eagle eye arrow to knock out two foes at once. My warriors were just there to shield the other two. :P

I couldn't get past the last boss on the third mission. I probably should rearrange my party, but I've already played enough today as it is.

Most of the medals didn't work for me. Doesn't matter tho, the game was fun.

This is a very great game. I started playing it yesterday, and in my opinion, it is too easy to level up. I have four characters that i use EVERYwhere. For my front line, I use both of the warriors and the bottom Cleric. I use the champion for tanking, the captain for major damage and the confessor for heal/tank/damage. For my back line i use the top ranger. The marksman is used for stun/heals/multi. The four characters i always use are 20,20,18 and 18. Almost all of their armor is purple, with the champions weapon being legendary. Once i had reached level 12, it became very easy. Other than the difficulty problems, this game is amazing.

I love it so far, I'm still on the first campaign but i always seem to like what you come out with

Here I was, thinking Monster's Den couldn't get any better. I was proven wrong... This game is amazing! Addition of quests, secrets and a storyline, as well as better graphics made this game even more amazing than the previous!
5 stars and well worth them!

I've been a huge fan of the Monster's Den series, and this just killed it. The artwork was amazing, the gameplay was addicting, and the scenarios were actually very interesting. Unlike the previous Monster's Dens, however, this requires a little bit more strategy and thinking, and that made me enjoy the game even more.
Not going to lie, this is one of the best games I've ever played. If another series is coming out, I'm waiting with bated breath for it.