Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

This is a very great game. I started playing it yesterday, and in my opinion, it is too easy to level up. I have four characters that i use EVERYwhere. For my front line, I use both of the warriors and the bottom Cleric. I use the champion for tanking, the captain for major damage and the confessor for heal/tank/damage. For my back line i use the top ranger. The marksman is used for stun/heals/multi. The four characters i always use are 20,20,18 and 18. Almost all of their armor is purple, with the champions weapon being legendary. Once i had reached level 12, it became very easy. Other than the difficulty problems, this game is amazing.

I love it so far, I'm still on the first campaign but i always seem to like what you come out with

Here I was, thinking Monster's Den couldn't get any better. I was proven wrong... This game is amazing! Addition of quests, secrets and a storyline, as well as better graphics made this game even more amazing than the previous!
5 stars and well worth them!

love it, kept me interested, id play more if i didnt have to leave to go do something today, only thing i have an issue with at this exact moment in time is.....selling items......HOW lol, casue they have a gold value so obviously u must be able to exchange them somewhere. im going to look through some of ur other work and wait for more to come

This game is amazing, from the artwork to the game-play and high level of customization this submission has it all! It always pleases me when I see a console-quality flash game. From the MASSIVE inventory system to the incredibly enjoyable endless mode this game entertains for months and even years on end. The only things that needs improving is that there are not as many abilities per character as I would like, and that it is hard to grind up all of the characters in the game, you usually just pick four at the start and never look back. I am more than looking forward to the release of Godfall (the next game in the series) and hope for many more hours of enjoyment from that game as well.