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Reviews for "Red"

Doesn't have to be flash man.

Newgrounds wants the site to expand what forms of animation and entertainment are put out; you can go and read the interviews with Tom Fulp.

Now for a review.

Animation was surprisingly better than I anticipated. 3D flash looks annoyingly clunky and the characters honestly look even less real with such robotic movement, little to no facial change, and of course the weird obscurity of how the surfaces of characters, objects, and environments look with this is just unbearably annoying.

This flash made it over that hill. Sure the fluidity of movement was still off, and the facial expression of the Wolf had hardly any change or such; but you could still feel the emotion behind him as he stumbled through the kitchen and even in the beginning scene as he drops the cigarette and bottle down carelessly.

The expansion of emotion was excellent with musical elements, the sound files played and slow camera motions, to the television set and picture, and finally to a gun pushed tightly against Wolf's cranium and the utterly devastating blow that comes afterward.

The slow motions worked and every sound and image fit perfectly into a small segment of a story where we meet the characters at the end, instead of the beginning.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Iznvm responds:

Hey man.. thanks for a good review.. There's a lot of things that I would definitely do different and I agree with almost everything you have said. But I'm not going to dwell on this work any longer. I'm going to focus my attention on the future and learn from the reviews and responses that this piece gets... I definitely want to convey more emotion through the face in the future, and thats honestly just up to me learning more about maya and facial controls / skin weights / and blend shapes. As for movement, everything was sort of "frame by frame." I notice that most successful 3d works use a great deal of rotoscope references which makes their final composition much more realistic and animated... I didn't do this, and simply moved my joint controllers around and set keyframes. In the future, I plan on doing so much more... I'm glad that this is out here for many to see though. I need the exposure and criticism if I'm every going to grow. And I guarantee, expect much more from me in this medium =D


This is craftmanship, and very enjoyable. It's a matter of taste I guess, but personally I liked the music and the pacing. You know where the polishing can be applied, but the majority of flashs passing by on Newgrounds need more of a thorough paint job instead of some polish. So for me this one stands out.

Keep 'm coming I'd say.

The overall theme and storyline may have been tragic.
But the 3d animation made this quite the incredible short!!!!!

You know what? You have all my acceptance. And my sword, should you be in need of defense. You clear the path for many 3d artists to come (I really hope I'll be one of them).

As for the animation - you play on the emotions quite well, you found fitting music, but the movements are a little jerky and the poor wolf is stiff as if he met Chuck Testa himself. Also, I think that a little rough texture here and there would improve the aesthetics. But still, for an assignment this is a damn good job!

I'm impressed. I believe the music was appropriate. It brought a little emotion in. And the pacing was good. I would call it a nice piece of work for two weeks. Keep it up.