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Reviews for "Red"

It could use a little refinement. I may have a slow computer, and everything lags, but I can still understand the effect you're going for, delayed sounds or not.

I liked the fact that the Wolf still had on his fancy suit from all those nights ago. I would have liked it better if it were showing some signs of ageing or decay, to give a bit more signal that the Wolf hasn't been doing so well. If it had been just a few nights ago from when he watched Red at the club, I would have appreciated a bit more clarification about the present date.

Smooth animation. It may have been a little choppy at times, but overall the Wolf and the bottles moved fine.

The ending seemed like a bit of a cop-out with how the Wolf just suddenly had that gun in his hands. Cartoon physics may justify this, but the way he has it after the cut without a shot of him pulling it out bothered me.

The music was also a problem, to me, at least. I would have enjoyed it better if it were just silence, and the ambient sounds of the Wolf's apartment. A happy tune from one of Red's shows playing on the radio might have fit better with the sombre mood, if only to provide a contrast.

Overall, nice idea and execution. It'd get a "Pass" from me if I were the teacher, but it won't warrant a second watching or attention further than this review.

Iznvm responds:

heh its probably your computer or internet connection causing the lag... there shouldnt be any lag with this kind of file unless its on the viewers side, which I can't really account for that. If you've ever watched the real cartoon that its based on, the wolf pulls out 2 identical guns from no where and kills himself at the end (in a much more comical sense), so I kind of pulled from that.
I've had some people tell me that the music was a bit of a distraction. I liked, but I'll definitely consider a more natural sound design for future works... and I had originally textured the wolf with a scuffed up suit, but had some problems with the texture tearing during movement, so I went with solids due to time. I definitely agree that it would have been more effective with scuffiness, but I didn't have the time to fix this.=(

Thanks for the review =)

he killed himself after he found out that his belofed red was found dead...sad and good story...

There was a slight lack of emotion in the dog character's face. Other than that, I can appreciate the skill you have as an animator, good job. I also don't like seeing suicide.

Iznvm responds:

yeh man.. I'm still working on putting controlers and painting skin weights for facial expression. It will just be something that gradually gets better in future submissions with more and more practice from me... there's a lot to learn with this medium, and I have barely scratched the surface.=)
Thanks for the review

Great job man I REALLY enjoyed this ;D! How did you successfully get it on newgrounds for 121 mb :o though?

I'm hoping this sort of thing will be the future of NG and it certainly looks like it will be. A branching out of media to include all kinds of beautiful and interesting animation regardless of what program (or programs!) it was made with. I thought your character models were a little too jolly for the concept and subject of the animation. And that is a thing i often dislike about 3d animation, it always looks a little too clean, a little too round, a little too video-gameish.
I liked the blend of 2d art on the tv and in the picture frame with the 3d world and it definitely added some interesting contrast. The actual animation was decent though i thought the acting was a little too dramatic (wide eyed looking for a beer, exagerated hand gestures etc.). The gloomy lighting was great and fitted the pieces tone in a way i think the music failed too. Again i thought it was too dramatic and not downbeat enough.
As a whole i thought it was an interesting concept pulled off quite well, good stuff!

Iznvm responds:

Thanks for a great review sir... now that I'm enabled to upload mp4s, you can guarantee more 3d submissions (future ones probably wont be as depressing as this)... as for the character design, I agree with you. I modeled the character before I had a full idea of my concept, and since I had a relatively short deadline with this, I just went with what I had instead of remodeling. Some of the gestures I may have taken too far, but its an animation, ya gotta over dramatize things=)
Im glad you liked it though... you can expect more 3d toons from me in the future.