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Reviews for "Red"

that was emotionaly cool espeshily about red and t he wolf and getting killed.

I'm not going to pretend to know anything about animation but the movements did seem stiff and unnatural. The facial expressions were hard to read in the context. My suggustion with that is to understand that the eyes are the primary convayence of emotion. I've had a little bit of formal training in methods of questioning suspect individuals and the number one point is that the eyes rarely lie. I know its an animal humanoid model, but that gives you even more options. Hes a wolf so use the natural movements of a dog. When a dog is sad their eyes get big, ears droop and their entire body sags.

Overall It was a good piece, but again there wasn't enough in the story for someone with no knowledge of the original source content. Keep up the good work though and remember to ask yourself if you have enough back story that anyone could understand both the what and why of the conflict. Make more soon.

not quality

Glad to see another 3D animator. I like how depressive the story is, using cartoony character. A little suggestion, in After Effects use the "Photo Filter" Effect so you can control the color of the scene, and also using a "Compound Blur" to make a little blury the corners of the video will make it look more cinematograpic. I hope to see more videos from you

Iznvm responds:

thanks for the suggestions! I'll try it out. I'm especially interested in the compound blur... definitely should have thought of that beforehand=)
I can't wait to get started on my next thing and see what NG has in store for this medium.. gotta say man, I adore warriors of the portal.. hearing compliments from you is surreal=)

Pretty good job. It's annoying seeing people complain and chastise you about the filesize, and unfortunately thats probably the way its going to be for a while until people realize different files beyond .swfs can be uploaded to newgrounds.

Anyway, the modeling was pretty good. I think you animated the emotion nicely, but the face was a bit too cartoony to take seriously. Not because you didn't do a good job, just the way it was proportioned. Music was very fitting, but some of the sounds, like the mouth opening, sighs, and gunshots were pretty awkward sounding. But other than that, good job man.

Iznvm responds:

thanks sir.. Im gunna continue hounding people back when they complain to anyone using the mp4 player about file size...
There's a ton of stuff I need to learn and practice mainly with facial expressions and rigging.. in the future, hopefully I'll be able to express more emotions through my characters=)