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Reviews for "Red"

im speechless. its one of the stories that you only understand it in the end or knowing what it was based or inspired of, (in this case Red Hot Riding Hood) and i like stories like that. btw, i think this kind of animation may get popular around here on newgrounds, since "warriors of the portal" got a high rating(and was number 1 animation of all time for a month) and it wasnt a flash animation. well,-.5 because of the movement, it looked kind of forced, robotic in other words.

Well, at least i tought of it that way.


Ignore corndog49, he's butthurt he can't make stuff like this (and his brains too small to understand it).
Really nice animation and I LOVE the music choice.

Daaaaanggg. Roger Rabbit better be thankful right now.

Darkest sketch ever...

Good job. The story was interesting and played out well. The animation (creation and movement) on the wolf, reflections, and shadows were all very nice. The only problem I had was the slight emptiness of the background. Though that is a small complaint that probably couldn't be rectified because it'd be too much to render.

I'd recommended putting light switches and outlets because it doesn't add much to the renders while those small details really stand out and provide a much better animation. That was well done for a solo animation that only took two weeks. Where are you a student at, DeVry?

Iznvm responds:

Nah, University of Louisiana Lafayette... we only have one teacher for all the animation courses and have the only animation program in the state, and it's not exactly ideal. Ive taught myself alot on my own... After I've graduated here, I know I won't be ready for any industry, so I want to goto another school that focuses primarily on what I plan to do.