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Reviews for "Red"

Not really my thing, but still quite good. My only complaint is that he's made to look like he was asleep in the chair, but he's not reclining into it like a sleeping person would. 4.5/5

I loved it. At first i couldnt really remember who it was cus obviously in 3d things look different but also he just seemed a little off from the cartoon version, maybe a longer face and sharp teeth? To make it look closer to the cartoon. And to Danad he wears a tux because thats what he wore in the old cartoon, just sayiin man. But yeah, great work Iznvm.

This is quite good, really one of the best 3d animations I have seen on Newgrounds. However two questions/comments: The "wolf" really looks like a dog; also why his he wearing a tux, and why is it so clean? Other than that awesome, love the TV clips too. Also maybe you could do some work to make him look more tired and burnt-out/hungover. 4.5 because of the tux and him being a dog.

Fiddle with your render settings, you might be able to crank out quite a bit more brightness without overly lighting your final render. You could also do this post comp, too.
Other than that, awesome job.

ummm why did you may him comit suicide

Iznvm responds:

I was debating during the conception of the idea on whether or not I wanted him to decide against suicide or not. But I wanted to stick to the parallel of the original cartoon. In the original Tex Avery short, he says something like "If ever see a dame again, I swear Ima kill myself" and just as he says this, Red comes up on stage dressed in her skimpy outfit. The wolf takes out 2 guns and shoots himself in the head, making his ghost come up and start wooping at Red. This was done in a comical sense - I wanted the same action, but with a totally different emotion.