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Reviews for "Red"

nothing to say. great job!!!!!!

Besides the ash on the cigarette butts being a little "rigid" there was nothing wrong with this animation. Everything was great. The music was beautiful and fitting. I'm not sure what you were going for in terms of message though. Many reviewers are saying its a flash about losing the one you love.

I think its more general. I think it has do with one's lose of a defining characteristic about who they are. For the Big Bad Wolf, Little Red made him everything he was....So what is he now? What is he left to???

But regardless of the message, 5/5, great movie. NG Needs more to see a little more 3d

Awesome !

Your 3D work is impressive,and details in the movie ( like the sink ) are very well.
Your sentimental work is awesome too,we can really understand and... feel his pain.

Awesome animation style!
Liked the music too.

nice work, an interesting spin with a tragic end