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Reviews for "Red"

I almost cried.

I know a lot of time an effort was put into this, I can really tell and on that I salute you. modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting, then animated everything is an enormous feat to take on by yourself.

Everything about the story is clear. You can make a quick connection that whoever we're about to meet is depressed simply by the mess in the room and music. T

he character himself is pretty well done. the emotion is a bit hard to express on a character with a few features as he has but you did a pretty good job. I can appreciate the detail in the ear twitching and what-not. There's just something about his over-all movement that irk's me a bit. It feels... "floaty". he feels like he's missing some weight. I'm working on some of that stuff myself when animating character and sometimes it's a bit rough. The stumbles I think is where is feels most noticeable, but it's still not that bad. When he falls to his knees he pulls back both his back legs at the same time. when we naturally fall to our knees we would stumble one leg at a time, so delaying them there would give it a much more realistic feel. Movements like this are best acted out in front of a camera so you can play it back over and over letting you study it. (I actually got up and tried to fall to my knee pulling both legs back at the same time to make sure I wasn't bullshitting you :P)

some smaller details that I noticed:
The bottle feels like it's glued to his hand when he drops it, it doesn't move until the very last finger releases it.
His hand, when it resets on the arm of the couch right before he pulls the gun up collides with it and moves threw it. Remember that when you're aiming up a shot, all you have to worry about is how it looks to the camera that it's going to be rendered in. if it's actually not touching the couch it's alright as long as it looks like it is to the audience. that's the easiest way I deal with things like that.

anyway, great little short! keep it up, and the best advice I can give you when it comes to 3D animating is don't be too shy to act out your scenes yourself and film it. It gives you really great reference video.

Iznvm responds:

Very nice observations man! I totally agree and these are all things that I hope to fix in future works. It's just a matter of getting more experience and practice under my belt. I told someone earlier in a response that I didn't use any rotoscope references, and I really wish I would have. In the future, acting things out in camera and referencing those shots will be part of my workflow.
As for the other things, like the bottle and all, those are all things that would have been done, had I had more time.
I'm glad you liked it and appreciate the work. I had 2 weeks to put this thing together from scratch, so my mindset was pretty much just to get it done the most efficient way possible, even if that meant sacrificing some in all the areas - animation, texture, modeling, etc

I like how you did this movie. How you came up with this idea from that cartoon very unexpected and surprising. I like how you added pictures on the wall of red, and how you put the bottles of beer and old food boxes, it makes you think he has been depressed for awhile and it was slowly eating away at him until he snapped and killed himself. Very well done!

It was very well animated and the graphics were quite. Obviously a lot of work went in to this. I just seemed to be lacking something. I'm not quite sure what this was. Perhaps part of it was that the movie didn't seem to fully establish what the wolf's relationship with red was. I'm left to assume he was in love with her, ended up killing her, then missed her and took his own life. However, I could be way off on this. Could this not have been established at least to some extent in the movie? Perhaps he could have looked at a picture of the two of them together, rather than just watching a news report of her on TV.

121MB is a very large file size. I seemed to have to wait a long time for this to load. It would have been nice if you could have done a little more to the preloader. At first I wasn't sure why all I saw was a black screen. It wasn't until I hovered the mouse over the movie that I saw the loading bar at the bottom. Could you not have placed a visible loading bar there whether you hovered over it or not? There was no way of telling if it was fully loaded within the movie itself, my browser was responsible for informing me of this. I feel that there needed to be something within the movie that would allow you to have seen this, as the loading bar was just a striped yellow block on a black background and there was no real way of being 100% sure that it had reached the end.

Hearing a voice on the television was a nice surprise, as it was otherwise a vocal-free movie. The music was a good choice for the most part, but I felt that it became too over-dramatic when the wolf got a beer from the fridge and it wasn't until he switched the TV on that it calmed back down.

Iznvm responds:

I've accepted all criticism up until this one, because all the other criticism was actually good... this is just not... I'm well aware that you have no clue what youre talking about and want everything handed to you on a silver platter.
An establishment of their relationship was made.... you didn't have to know the entire history, you just had to know that there was a relationship. And it reveals itself more and more as the movie goes on...
As for the technical things, you obviously are clueless. There was NO way for me to put a preloader. It's not a flash file or swf that I can just put a preloader in front of, and if it was, the wait would be 10 times worse to watch it. This movie is embedded the same way that youtube movies are. It starts playing automatically once a certain amount has been loaded and continues to load the rest as it plays - streamed.
121mb is extremely small for something like this. This is a 1280x720 mp4 - 720p - HD. Getting it any smaller of a file size would have severely reduced the quality. I'm not even happy with this quality, if it were up to me, you'd be waiting for a 2.5gig movie to load. So to answer your question again, NO, I could not have put a loading bar. If it took a while to load, congratulations, your internet is at fault.
As for the music, I agree. It becomes overpowering at that point, which is something that I should have noticed earlier, but at this point, I'm just going with it.

As a big fan of Red-Hot Ridding Hood; kudos and thanks