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Reviews for "Zombie Mania"

This game is so fun. I recommend also playing a game called Firefight which is like this only you're not killing zombies.

a good game, nice time waster, has good art, good music, a very by the book zombie defense game, I would have liked to see more weapons though, instead of the dual weapons for each weapon type, i would have liked to see a rifle, as well as some other weapons, player stats would have been nice too, the weapon upgrades are nice, but i would have liked to upgrade the hero too, speed, health, stamina (for running) indoor locations would have been great, maybe saveable characters who appear onscreen for a short time, some zombies would drawn to them, you could save them, maybe they'll drop you a random weapon, or item, maybe have a story line that places the player in the different maps, these are things i would like to see added if there's a sequel, thanks for the upload, a good game, i didn't have any problems with the controls sticking as people have mentioned, but maybe i wasn't paying attention as i played...

controls get stuck while fighting or even before

simple and a nice time sink. the upgrade system was rly easy to work with, but overall got very easy and faceroll too quickly, would love to see different mechanics in the weapons and enemies, bosses at the very least.

Controls get stuck lots of times while shooting.