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Reviews for "Zombie Mania"

very good game got all the medals

not bad.the pistol is too powerful at first and you can save for the dual minigun after the 3rd boss then no difficulty at all.its free 455pts.

Ab9003 responds:

I tried to make the upgrades pretty expensive so that by the end of the game you could just barely afford everything. If you were wise and saved up though to get the dual minigun thats definitely a good strategy :).

Quite entertaining, but way too easy IMO,since fully upgraded weapons got unlimited ammo plus no reload time.
Also, combos bonuses are too easy to get.
I suggest you to make the game more difficult in general, or add "hard" or "expert" mode.
Graphics and weapons are good, maybe add some new weapons instead of "double".
4 stars -1 for the lack of difficulty = 3

Sorry if my English is bad, I'm French.

Good game solid gameplay music gets a bit repetitive and flash could use some more time spent on animation and rendering

Since i play on a laptop it is quite awkward to control but it is still a fun game. Love the upgrades.