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Reviews for "Zombie Mania"

Decent game. :)

well.....Not very addicting. Just another shoot'em up. It gets boring after 4th wave(when you get double miniguns maxed out you can just stand in the middle of map and shoot) . You basicly dd the same for like 20 - 30 minutes. Next time try making game with more action.
there are 3 bosses rest are the same + higher stats

not bad

I'm sorry, but the guy took on a life of his own. I lifted my hands of the keyboard and the delayed actions I input kept him going for 3-4 seconds afterwards, like someone else was playing him. That's game breaking, and it happened after the 2nd or 3rd waves. From what I saw seemed fairly standard anyway, games don't have to be constantly innovative, but this didn't seem to much that kept my interest. Don't give up though - if this was fixed, I would give it another go and give some pointers on what might make it a little more fun.

All in all a nice and pretty game.
Two points, that could be improved:
1. If I turn of the sound, it only mutes the music, but not the sound of the guns - if I'm shooting with full-speed minigun, the hammering sound is almost gonna kill my speakers.
2. It would be really nice, if you could set the angle of dual guns, perhaps between 0° and 45°. If you want to shoot a boss with dual guns, you either have to get so close, that he can hit you as well, or you can better use the normal gun, cause the second gun will shoot far away from him.