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Reviews for "Zombie Mania"

i would give it more but this is just a redux of zombie assasin i am dissapointed

You know what? I am taking whole 3 stars away from this game. Why? Because of the terrible lag! If my quad-core processor can't manage to make the game run smoothly - then it means that the game sucks and its management of memory. The shooter is responding with even few seconds delay, the fired projectiles make the game run so slowly that it is unplayable. Fix it!

Fun shooting game

You have Engineered something good here, you made it somewhat fun, and for sure entertaining, and i liked this for differant reasons, You even gave it a Professional look at times and that was a plus on things, And i think things could be better here, but ill suggest something at a later point in the review, but anyways this is a good start sofar. Fun zombie killing game and the over view is notbad, the "CONTROLS" could use some work though, as its abit shaky at times and didnt move in the direction at times, the weapon choices were superb though and overall not bad of a shooting game. This can use a sort of Rejuvinate spice up here and there but thats more for later, but i wanted to say here in my ending notes that you have a decent entry here and i would ofcourse like to see it move forward even more, so with a lil more extra it can be that and much more, but takes the effort to put in those extras and such.

Honestly this was a good game, there was some good options and nice features in the game, and there was some lacking areas but it was alright because those areas could be better with a few suggestions, I really found your flash interesting but still has room for improvements, so with these ideas I hope you can make it somewhat better, but anyways, i look forward to your future games. Controls is what I had the most trouble with, more detailed controlled something more smoother would be nice.


Amazing game truly amazing

Dual minigun + rage = Just relax and enjoy the show