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Reviews for "Zombie Mania"

Superb zombie survival , the only flaw is that the only useful wepons are the basic Pistol(when maxed out) , the Minigun(the most useful in general and the best choice against bosses) and the dual Miniguns(for large crowds). For the rest , thumbsup.

Anyone else have a problem with the controls just sticking? My guy keeps getting stuck on a wall and eaten cause no matter what he won't move in the direction I'm hitting or he'll walk in a direction when I'm not hitting anything.

that was a fun game. I loved the dual wiled miniguns like the dude below said not many game do this so u have all my stars great work and keep it up

At first it started off normal. Simple enough, aim and shoot, move when needed. I didn't need to buy any guns until the forth wave, when I had enough for the dual uzi's. Can you imagine how disappointed I was when I learned that the uzi's had terrible aim? Not because the spread was bad, but because the guns where aimed apart from each other, shooting off in two different directions. It took some time, but I managed to cope with it. After buying and upgrading the first mini gun the game got so much simpler, until I bought the dual mini's. My disappointment and dis-interest in the game sky rocketed, and boredom quickly set in as I was forced to endure 14 more waves of zombies and bosses. Simply upgrading the minigun to max ammo gave me unlimited ammo (which, also disappointingly enough any gun with max ammo is given unlimited ammo as well)
made the game that much worse. In case you're scratching your head and saying "how can this person keep saying such terrible things about this game?" let me paint you a picture
Unlimited ammo with two awkwardly aimed miniguns, with maximum damage. You're sitting on a perch with zombies pouring in, single file, from four directions. All you do is sit in that one spot, trigger held down, taking turns at each line of zombies. Imagine doing this for 13 waves, each wave lasting for what seems to be 3 minutes each. That's roughly half an hour of doing one simple task. Do you see the problem here?
Add in better and an actual variety of guns. Better more interesting zombies, and not a copy, paste of the previous ones. Make ammo a budget thing, so that you can just hold down a button and eliminate everything without needing to move. Include obstacles. Make rage mode last less. I mean I literally DID NOT MOVE for 13 waves. Boss? Rage mode. I'm good. You can do better than this

This was a fun way to kill half an hour or so, especially when you get the dual minigun. Forget about logic, what other game allows you to dual-wield miniguns?

Ab9003 responds:

Precisely what I was thinking when I developed it haha! =] Gotta give the people what they want!