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Reviews for "PewDiePie Adventures"


+ + Dynamic gameplay with multiple characters
+ Difficulty is good and the curve is balanced, providing a challenging but not frustrating experience
+ Soundtrack is adequate
+ Developer answers to (seemingly) every review, takes feedback from playes (This isn't as good as it sounds because most reviews are incredibly bogus. Seriously. There is a review that consists solely of "sup" and many others with simple/nonsensical phrases)

- - - It's not a tribute game, it's a game that uses image/jokes around PDPs channel and culture (and other games as well, as listed on description)
- - Clumsy controls and movement
- Clumsy collision detection and hitboxes
- Graphics are bad, game isn't really well finished graphically
- Jumpscares. (At least they weren't "screamers"). Using jumpscares in videogames is almost always a dumb move, especially when stuff "pop" on screen. It's just the cheapest/easiest way to terrify.
- No real replayability other than medal huntin'


Overall, a subpar game, which seems to be popular (atm, ~652k plays) just by using PDP's image/jokes. Good for wasting some time, but after medals are taken, to shelves it goes.

Kwing responds:

So just to explain some things - this game is OLD, and its view count blew up after PewDiePie played it (this was when he had ~100k subscribers.) I made this as a small project back when it was pretty par for the course for fans to make random shit to get featured on the channel and it was never meant to be a work of art. I've released far more complex and original material since this game came out, but of course being featured in a video has made this project disproportionately successful regardless of how its quality compares.

I do wish you'd expanded a little on what was wrong with the hitboxes and controls. A lot of my earlier games had issues with these but I always felt really solid about how this game played in particular, so it's weird to hear this coming from one review so many years after the game was released.

how to win a medal: a heart of iron
I crossed a few times of 6 minutes but nothing I can not get it, any advice?

jak zdobyńá medal: heart of iron?

The only thing i don't really like about this game is the evil lady flashing on and off of your pc screen in the first few levels. Other than that its great and i would want more versions of this! Brofist!!

Kwing responds:

Thanks for the feedback! This is truly old as fuck.

peds if you reading thisthen marzia is hot

Kwing responds: