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Reviews for "PewDiePie Adventures"

its suppose to give jump scares dude.

Kwing responds:


has anyone gotten past the barbie girl yet i cant stay on the lily pads

Kwing responds:

Plenty of people have gotten past it. Just make sure to let PewDie decelerate while in the air so you don't overshoot.

Great game but hate the jump scares

Kwing responds:

Everyone seems to.

i got to say its pretty good but put more sounds and noises and monsters

Kwing responds:

Definitely... Sound effects could have been a bit more present. As for monsters, I regret to say that this was made a fairly long time ago, so it lacks many of the monsters from PewDiePie's recent games.

I think this deserves a 4.5

I think you need to improve the hitbox of the level obstacles and platfoms.
Also a de-buff of the barrels and less knockback would be good.
Make golden edition Stephano have a damage reduction.

Overall, good game.

Kwing responds:

Good idea with the damage reduction... Stephano isn't as useful as he could be and I think you're onto something there.

I agree the hitboxes could use some work. I get lots of complaints about that and I'll try and fix that if I make a sequel.