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Reviews for "PewDiePie Adventures"

This game sucks so bad. It blows my mind that you aren't taking criticism in the comments. Mind blown!

I love this game, and Pewdiepie! Bro fist! Good Morning Gamer!

what is marzia vitae and i dont get it
also yeah too hard from hitboxes
and are you fucking serious doing it under 6 minutes? no possible error it must be a 0 death run
giving it 2 stars cause impossible to get that last medal

Kwing responds:

Vitae is a liquid from the Amnesia universe. Seeing it in-game implies that Marzia was tortured (ultimately false, since she was hiding in a suit of armor for the whole game.)

Under 6 minutes is definitely doable. My best time is actually under 5.

I can see some effort has been put into this, but that's basically the only nice thing I can say about it.

-Starts off with horrible audio, then instantly displays bad design graphically. Nothing fits together.
- Bad audio gets even worse in-game with the most obnoxiously annoying sound effects.
- Controls are clumsy, hit detection and collision is is wonky at best.
- The "humour" is cheap, unfunny and sometimes even offensive.

The only way any one would give this five stars is if they were blind, deaf and lost half of their other senses. You get half a star because you apparently spend some time making this.

Kwing responds:

I didn't have great samples to work with when creating my effects, and composed the music myself on (really bad) software to prevent any issues with copyright infringement. The humor is niche and its references are extremely dated in 2018.

Might have played the game if it ever loads "bro"

Kwing responds:

The game still loads for me. Are you sure it's not a plugin issue since Flash is being phased out?