Reviews for "MAGNETkid"

super fun

The only thing I can ask for is smoother transitions between polarity. Other than that, the game looks great, everything else is pretty good in movement, no glitches in platforming, but the music is a little tiring as it just loops and it's a little too base-y or static-y or something along those lines. But hey, looking forward to more! Good job on this!

Really nice game, and nice thought out idea, but my eyes...

A bit faster would fit my personal taste more, but I like everything. The style, the puzzles, the concept. Awesome game, bro.

The menu does not work. I was realy frustrated with this. I can't even start the game!!! And I have no idea why. I pressed enter, I pressed A, I pressed the arrow keys. I couldn't select anything which meant I couldn't play the play the game. Pointless. Sorry if this is just an issue with my computer but I was really really dissapointed