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Reviews for "MAGNETkid"

It's a very nice puzzle platformer and I enjoyed playing through the first level set.

I had to stop playing because all the flashing lights and fuzzy graphics, coupled with the small play screen, hurt my eyes. The game would have been much more playable if it had been possible to see and discern all the elements clearly. Maybe you were going for a certain kind of atmosphere, but I really feel that forgoing the particular design elements you chose for clarity would have cut down on eyestrain and made it much more enjoyable.

I started this game thinking I would only do 2-3 levels.. I finished the first two areas.
Music / Graphics / Gameplay = really awesome, 10/10
kinda reminds me of super meat boy, which is a very good thing.

The graphics are not very cool

Took me a while, but I just managed to finish the game. I really like the arcade vibe you've put into this, and the difficulty in some levels (at which point I was screaming at the screen) reminded me of those good old NES games and even Super Meat Boy too. The polarity system seems vaguely familiar, but it was great to see you utilise it in many ways (laser walls, speed ups etc.). With enough patience and practice, I was able to complete levels which made finishing the game all the more worth it!

Game worked great (no issues with lag), but there was one level (4-1) where I was able to jump onto the magnet platform and hang on the front so it would let me slide through the wall, skipping those bombs and spikes.

Music was good too, especially towards the end! Anyway, keep up the good work and looking forward to see what other games you'll dish up in the near future. =)

Not that great, i played about 6 or 7 levels in and got bored with it. Looks really cool though and i like the idea.