Reviews for "MAGNETkid"

Ninja Gaiden called, they want their difficulty back. Pros: Nice style, nifty gameplay mechanic, good music, clever level design, addicting, overall well made game. Cons: At some points it was difficult to tell if something was in the foreground or background; jump and switch polarity buttons being right next to each other breeds some confusion confusion and killed me more than a couple times; and did I mention that this was probably the HARDEST FUCKING GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED? Seriously, this was more frustrating than playing mario with a broken jump button. However, with that said, it is still a very good game, especially being your first platformer.

I've seen the concept explored before, but this is the first time I've seen it done so well. I do have some suggestions though. First, the transitions between levels and when you restart is kinda annoying with it flashing on the screen the way it is now. Either tone down the effect or just have it display in the upper corner. Better yet, when you restart after dying, just have it be an instant restart. Another thing is that I found that it got a little bit too difficult too fast. Overall, great effort (especially with this being your first platform game).

Fun, creative, gives me invader zim feel

nice game its actually rly good, keep up the good work ^.^

I'm a bit biased, because I don't normally like this style of game. However, I'll admit that it was pretty fun! Just takes a bit of getting used to. The tutorial at the beginning helps quite a bit.